Who is MrBallen's wife?

Who is MrBallen's wife?

Mr Ballen was raised in the Christian faith and married his wife Amanda, whom he met at university. Mr. Ballen has been married to his wife, Amanda, for more than 10 years. He and his wife have three children, two daughters and a son.

MrBallen's personal life

MrBallen grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts, with two sisters. In 2006, he graduated from high school and was later admitted to the University of Massachusetts because his mother, a professional freelance writer, wrote a thesis for him; however, he failed after one semester. After a lackluster spell in high school and college, Mr Ballen wanted to do better. He began to show an interest in the military, leading his mother to take him to meet her best friend's brother, both of whom were Navy SEALs.

MrBallen eventually attended a local college in Boston, and after graduating in 2010 at the age of 22, he enlisted as a Navy SEAL. In 2014, while on a mission, a grenade landed on his shoulder and exploded, sending shrapnel flying into his hips and legs. He considers his team doctor an "all-star" for saving his life that day. It was after that experience that Mr Ballen decided to retire and retired due to illness in 2017. He co-founded two organizations, one that helps former agents like him find jobs and the other that helps people find jobs.

Mr Ballen gained a presence online thanks to his two organizations where he would tell stories of his time as a SEAL, but there are not many of his stories left. He also received widespread hatred from the SEAL community for telling these stories, as it was felt his goals had strayed from the organization. MrBallen's former teammates were upset with him because they felt he was "showing off around like [he was] cool, like [him] Mr. SEAL". MrBallen, frustrated by the turn of events but always interested in the strange, dark and mysterious, posted a TikTok about the Dyatlov Pass incident that eventually went viral. He didn't see it as a career, but he did want to have another career. In June 2020, MrBallen turned to YouTube to further promote this type of content.